Bet on yourself.

Galva helps you achieve your financial, physical and mental wellbeing goals by holding you accountable for your commitments.

What if I lose?

We do not benefit from your lost bets, the money you bet at the beginning will be transferred to your saving account on the app. To make things more interesting, you cannot immediately withdraw the fund to your bank account. We will impose a deadline and withdrawal fees if you want to get your money back immediately. So why not give it your all?

You can choose a charity for us to give away your lost bet if you are all about the “giving life” 🕶️. Or make this choice at the start of the bet and leave it up to us (a bit more dangerous this way!). Your money will most likely be given to a charity that honours UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The best way to achieve your personal goals

“I find it difficult to save money. Then I found Galva, just set bets for yourself, complete and upload proofs. I got coins for completing and redeemed this for a voucher.
When I lost the bet the money come into my saving account on the app, so I don’t lose it, just manage to save loads of money, get rewarded while improving my wellbeing.”

Emi Gonzalez
Happy Customer

Freemium is the future!


  • Complete our bet sets
  • Unlimited deposit
  • Withdraw funds (fees apply)
  • Limited coin redeem


  • Add your own bet sets
  • Unlimited redeem
  • Unlimited withdraw
  • Weekly prizes
  • No withdrawal fees
  • Bet with friends
  • Wide range of offers & discounts